The itinerary, plans to visit the monuments of the Venetian Renaissance Verona.

Renaissance Verona: this itinerary starts from the famous Basilica of San Zeno where you can admire Mantegna's masterpiece, the famous Triptych (entrance ticket € 1), and goes on to visit San Bernardino Church with the so-called Sala Morone, a 16th century Franciscan friars' library entirely covered by frescoes by Domenico Morone, one of the greatest Veronese Renaissance painters, and the Cappella Pellegrini Pellegrini Chapel, an outstanding example of Renaissance architecture designed by the great Veronese architect Michele Sanmicheli.

The itinerary continues along Corso Cavour, a street flanked by imposing Renaissance Palaces such as Palazzo Bevilacqua and Palazzo Canossa and before reaching Piazza Erbe, heart of the city since Roman times, where the large painted façade of Mazzanti House will amaze you. In the nearby Piazza dei Signori, the most aristocratic square in the city, commonly called "Verona's salon", you can admire the elegant Loggia del Consiglio, the first Renaissance structure in Verona.